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Rehabilitation project for the commercial and office spaces of the Oslo Central Station, within the competition Nordic Built Challenge

A general strategy to confront the challenges that the Nordic Built Challenge Norway proposes is to work in three confluent directions: the improvement of the energy efficiency of the complex, the improvement of the space management and the improvement of the urban and social positioning of the building. The general strategies for the improvement of the energy efficiency are based on the Cradle to Cradle principles and pretend to bring the building closer to the Zero Emissions objective through the reduction or the compensation of the CO2 emissions. A rationalization and a better management of the offices area is achieved through the structuring of the space by means of operational fringes. And finally, through the complete renovation of the façade, not just a significant improvement of its energy behaviour is achieved, but also, it reinforces a change in its image, to reposition the building within the urban and estate landscape of Oslo.

Location: Oslo
Year: 2013
Categories: Offices, Commercial, Rehabilitation, Enery Efficiency
Area: 50.500 m2
Promoter: Nordic Built