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Alotark Arquitectos & Consultores works in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design. Our main capacity is to understand the needs of our customers and accompany them throughout the consulting process, from the previous analysis to the dimensioning of the investments, always with the most demanding levels in the development, offering sustainable and technologically advanced solutions. We believe that there are other possible strategies to face the challenges of the present and we operate looking towards the future world, without utopias but with our talent as a real realism tool.

In the development of our activity, interdisciplinary collaborations have been a launching pad with which to face the challenges that the architecture profession increasingly poses. A wide range of projects support a proven experience and a great versatility and flexibility to provide solutions to any design challenge that may arise.

Alotark includes within the professional practice the development of architecture and urbanism projects, planning, and works direction betting on an integrated management model that offers our clients a direct and unique interlocution, as well as a willingness and capacity of service in all phases of the architectural project, from the phases of feasibility analysis of the project to the legalization and delivery of the buildings, through the analysis of urban and programmatic implementation, the basic and executive project, the interior design or the furniture.


Alotark Arquitectos & Consultores is a team of professionals focused on the world of architecture. The common project was born in 1996 of the commitment and dedication of a series of architects and engineers led by Koldo Crespo and takes shape until it was configured in 2010 as the company Alotark.

The study is composed of a multidisciplinary group of young professionals with proven experience in their areas of development.

The desire to excel and the combined effort of the different skills we accumulate, allows us to face any challenge that the profession poses.

The flexibility and dynamism of our team allow us to adapt to the needs presented by the market in general and our customers in particular.


Located between the Gothic Quarter and the Ciutadella Park, the Ribera neighborhood, popularly known as “El Born”, is one of the neighborhoods with more personality of the old Barcelona, surrounded by emblematic places such as the old cathedral of Santa María del Mar, the France station, the Triumphal arch or the Zoo of Barcelona, ​​while maintaining the controlled aspect of a small-town district.

With charm, near a sea that one cannot glimpse, among its narrow streets, you can discover the gigantic monumentality of the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, the old mansions of Montcada street, the museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso, or the Born market built in the late nineteenth century and Santa Caterina of Enric Miralles. Part of the neighborhood was demolished after 1714 for the construction of the Ciutadella Park. During a long time, the area lived off of the economic activity of the Born market and after its closing, it took a lot of time and effort to recover.

It is currently a fashionable neighborhood: its old taverns and warehouses have been converted into design stores, restaurants and music bars, leaving space for the development of artistic or creative activities.

Cultural diversity and commercial offer make this spot a perfect place for meetings and creation, of which our study is nurtured.


Apart from the multidisciplinary team that makes up Alotark Arquitectos & Consultores, we have a wide range of external collaborators of our full confidence capable of providing the highest level of technical development of the projects that are elaborated in our study, among which we highlight those detailed below: